1. Assorted summertime doodles! have fun

    (my scanner is borked)

  2. Mr. Quist enjoys a sumptuous banquet at Taco Bell.

  3. Family Portrait of some Heterodonts and their Jaw Dogs.

    (From a dream)

  4. Some figure drawings and cafe sketches. 

    I’ve noticed a tendency when people first start figure drawing to share all their work in a flurry of enthusiasm and then stop posting anything once they realize they’re not that good. This results in a lot of blogs stuffed with old, terrible art and none of the artist’s newer, more serviceable stuff. I’ve definitely done this, so here’s some art to rectify things.

    (It’s good to look back on my stuff from a year ago and see that progress is indeed creeping forward.)

  5. I animated Bugs jumping for my Animation Fundamentals class. I would have liked to soften the ending, but I’m happy with the motion I got. Also, there’s one frame towards the end where he goes off-model and looks like Jack Nicholson:

  6. Uh oh it’s a Big Dumb Naked Oaf (BDNO)

  7. eatsleepdraw:

     astronaut encountering a far traveler

    Wooo made it onto eatsleepdraw for the first time in years. I am going places and I am making it big !!

  8. Mr. Quist, dressed to the nines in crushed red velvet. You are the living end, Mr. Quist!

  9. Here’s an astronaut encountering a far traveler.

    This entity drifts through deep space, using its eyes like satellite dishes to see into the entire electromagnetic spectrum beyond visible light. Nobody knows if they’re truly sentient, but rumors abound due to their all-seeing nature.

  10. Composition class just got interesting. Here’s a New Wave Boi getting ready for the CLUB